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About company
Metta is an international company,
that has a full cycle of manufacturing
ergonomic chairs
130 000
m2 of production
and warehouse premises
500 000
units of production per year
new models
12 years
guarantee for the chair
and its elements
Our materials
Modern durable, wear-resistant materials are used in the manufacture of chairs.
Eco-leather MPES
Mesh fabric
reinforced with aramid fiber
Fabric mesh
Stretch Mesh TV
Mesh Fabric X2
Research Center
The "brain" of production is deservedly our research center, where certified specialists design and construct high-quality, reliable, durable, designer products.
Pilot production
Thanks to extensive experience, excellent financial performance and quality orientation, our company can afford the production of prototypes of products for their comprehensive testing. This approach allows us to produce products that meet customer expectations as much as possible.
Automated in-line
The company's production workshops are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows to produce high quality products that have no analogues in the same price category, the trademark difference of which is a steel metal frame.
Quality Control Department
METTA has a three-stage quality control system in accordance with ISO-9000.
At the first stage, the quality of raw materials for production is checked, at the second stage - control of the production process at various stages. The third stage is the control of compliance with the technology of assembly of products and their packaging. All this has prepared the ground for the production of products that meet European quality standards.